Dual Career Service

The Munich Dual Career Office provides a comprehensive palette of professionally supplied services for partners of top-level staff.

Within the scope of our dual career service we offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive screening and editing of résumés and further application documents
  • Joint development of an individual application strategy for you
  • Information on employers in the region
  • Information on your potential job prospects
  • Establishing a network of contacts and enabling informal interviews
  • Intensive support in the job search
  • Advice on self-presentation/short coaching sessions on interviews
  • Advice on common salary standards in Germany relative to your position/industry
  • Advice on potential professional training opportunities

The Munich Dual Career Office of TUM – a network answer to dual career

The work of the MDCO concentrates on areas where individual help is required and the goal is to enable careers to be continued. We provide you with advice throughout the entire job application process. Our goal is to assist you in quickly building up your own professional network and to initiate promising contacts with the relevant offices and people in order to help you on the path to success. In this regard, we provide you with contact to our official network.

If you have any questions regarding the process you will find further information here.

Information and offers concerning relevant steps to a successful work entry can be found on the following pages: