Frequently Asked Questions

When can I take advantage of the services offered?

One of the following conditions must be met:

  1. Your partner holds an appointment at the TU Munich.
  2. Your partner holds an offer for a junior scientific position (academic counselor, Emmy-Noether group leader, miscellaneous group leader, post-doctorate position) and he/she became aware of our services during the hiring process through the faculty/institute.
  3. Your partner took a position at a participating external research facility, company, university or institute (see the network partners of MDCO) and he/she was referred to our services by the persons responsible for recruitment.

If the necessary conditions are not fully satisfied, we will consider whether we can offer you a personal interview in support of the clearing process.

Which services are offered?

As a partner of TUM personnel you can benefit our complete range of services (in each case depending on capacities of our staff). As a partner of personnel in the MDCO network we offer you our Dual Career services - except for various integration services regarding child care and relocation. Partners of personnel in MDCO network companies can generally take advantage of the respective company's internal integration services.

Who connects me with the MDCO?

As a general rule, Dual Career and integration support demands an "appointing authority". This means your appointing/recruiting body should contact us to act as an ordering party and to manifest its interest in Dual Career or integration services for you. It is also possible that our services are offered by the appointment committees, the deaneries/faculties, the recruitment teams, the personnel departments or the administrative bodies. With reference to this offer, you may personally contact our office.

How does the concrete cooperation work?

After receiving your online form, we endeavour to set a meeting time as soon as possible to personally discuss common goals, determine the next steps for your job search, address your other concerns or answer further important questions. We are flexible regarding scheduling and meeting locations. Meetings are generally possible at the main TUM building in Munich and at the Garching Campus and exceptionally at the Freising Campus.

The continued support process consists of regular contact by e-mail, telephone and possible interim in-person meetings to review progress and to establish new strategies where appropriate.

For how long can I/we make use of the service and when will the cooperation end?

The cooperation will end as soon as you find a satisfactory prospect or the initial goals are reached, however, at the latest after 1.5 years. If the objectives are not achieved within this time, it is assumed that other forms of support would be more promising. In such cases, for example, a referral may be made to various external providers of supportive services. The average length of service use has been just over six months. The joint efforts are concluded with a personal closing discussion where possible. To ensure the continuous improvement of our services, please use an evaluation questionnaire for feedback on the cooperative experience. The electronic and anonymous questionnaires will be sent via e-mail.

How does the MDCO work?

Our goal is to assist you in quickly building up your own professional network and to initiate promising contacts with the relevant offices and people in order to help you on the path to success. We provide you with contact to our official network and also to associated network partners or other institutions (depending on your career objectives). The larger your network and the more involved you are in building up your network, the quicker you can expect an offer of employment in the Munich region.

How can the MDCO support me regarding my integration in Munich?

  • With finding child care solutions and schools
  • With finding proper housing solutions
  • With questions concerning visas, residence and employment permits
  • With questions such as insurance alternatives, search for medical doctors, tax counseling etc.

How do I create a CV according to the German standards?

Please note that the CV standards can vary from country to country, sometimes considerably. You will receive recommendations for preparing your résumé according to German standards from us. It is helpful if you provide an executive summary of your main qualifications or objectives at the beginning of your résumé/CV so that your documents enable an initiative of your profile for the potential employers.

Which of my materials and documents does the MDCO require?

  1. Online form: Once you are in contact with us, you will be asked to fill out an online form. Please enter as detailed information as possible regarding your support needs, your qualifications and career objectives (e.g., employer of choice). The more detailed you formulate your expectations, the better we can tailor our services to your needs.
  2. Résumé/CV: Please also attach a current résumé/CV in electronic form if you need support with your job search).
  3. Bio-Sketch: please prepare an anonymous biographical sketch that we can forward to potential employers. The Bio-Sketch is a short profile of your qualifications and your intended position. It should consist of 5-6 lines and include your available start date. Please contact us for detailed instructions on creating a biographical sketch.
  4. Credentials are not necessary at the outset. We will later contact you for a comprehensive PDF of all your documents.

Please have all of your information available to us in electronic form.

How will I be assisted with my job search?

  • Information on employers in the region and on your potential job prospects
  • Career Planning and advise with a main focus on networks
  • Advice on application documents and self-presentation
  • Advice on potential professional training opportunities

Which further contacts and informations can the MDCO offer me?

  • Information about the TUM Prelude (Welcome day for new professors)
  • Access to the program for female partners
  • Information about current events dealing with career topics

Is it important to have German language skills to find a job?

From our experience, the sufficient German knowledge is essential for applying successfully in Germany, naturally depending on the employer and the institution. If your German skills are lacking, it is in your interest to participate on a German course already before beginning to search for employment in Munich. There are many online courses for German as well. At the latest, you should start learning German during the application process. 

You can find further information here.

Where can I learn German or find language courses?

Detailed information here.

What is a Clearing?

Within clearings we offer one-time face-to-face interviews. Those may involve screening your CV, giving initial information on the Munich labour market or giving recommendations for your job search strategy. The possibility of this initial clearing occurs mainly when your partner has applied for a position with TUM or with a participating institution (see the network partners of MDCO), but has not yet been appointed or hired and you would like to discuss your career prospects in Munich.