Health Insurance

The German Health Care System

It is obligatory to have health insurance in Germany, either within the public system or within a private insurance company.  Generally, you can choose between a compulsory and a private insurance, whereas the private insurance is the common choice for Professors at TUM. Given, that you become a civil servant, you receive subsidies (Beihilfe) from the Free State of Bavaria. Therefore, expenses only have to be covered in parts by yourself. These subsidies only apply for a private insurance.

In the following, you will find further information on private and compulsory insurances.

Private Insurance

  • Separate insurance premium for each person (which means everyone in your family has to have their own contract)
  • Classification according to your age and state of health on completion of the contract and to the benefits
  • Mainly for persons who are not compulsory insured - including:
    • Civil servants (receive subsidies, therefore expenses only have to be covered in parts)
    • Employees with annual earnings above currently (2017) 57,600,-€ per year
    • Freelancers without consideration of their income

Private insurances in the Munich area

Compulsory Insurance

  • You pay monthly shares according to your income / professional position
  • Premium rate in 2017: 14.6% of your gross income (employee 7.3% / employer 7.3%) plus extra premium (about 1% of your gross income) to be paid by the employee
  • Paid directly by the employer out of your gross income; however, this only applies for employees, not for civil servants
  • Civil servants would have to cover the complete premium rate since you would be voluntarily affiliated to the public insurance. Generally, every member of your family is insured automatically with you (while there are no higher costs)

Public insurances in the Munich area

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