For a successful professional start in Munich it is necessary to quickly learn the German language.

We offer an individual service – language coaching and intercultural training – for newly appointed international professors of TUM. Further information on language courses can be found here.

Language Coaching and Intercultural Training

Intercultural Training and Language Coaching is a service for newly appointed international professors at TUM. 

We are aware that the demands of academic mobility provide not only new opportunities but at the same time a challenge to adapt to a new country and the different academic environment at a distinguished German university. Intercultural Training and Language Coaching is a highly individual service to support you in the first few months in this new academic environment.We operate on a strictly individual basis, i.e. one-to-one tuition is offered and we provide training.

German Language Coaching

This is your chance to learn German in a relaxed atmosphere taking into account your individual working conditions and the time you wish to invest in learning German as a foreign language. Depending on your goals and your workload you are free to decide how intensive your language program should be.

Intercultural Training

The individual coaching will introduce you to the basics of German culture and highlight any intercultural differences. You will not only be given an insight into German culture and the special TUM academic environment, but also an introduction to Munich as your future place of residence. Depending on you and your fellow academics’ time-schedule and personal needs we are willing to organize social gatherings and/or visits of cultural events in the City of Munich and its surroundings.

Integration Service

If necessary and on demand, you can benefit from our excellent administrative experience. We can offer support in such areas as registration procedures dealing with the German authorities. We would like to emphasize that this initial support is intended to enable you “to help yourself” and to handle any future administration requirements arising during your stay in Germany on your own.
The purpose of this service is to acquaint you with some basic, but essential knowledge about Germany, Munich and TUM. We would like you to have a good start at TUM and to enjoy the excellent working conditions as well as your personal life here in Munich and at TUM.

Further information on Language Coaching and Intercultural Training can be found here.

Language Courses

Offer at TUM

The TUM Language Centre offers TUM scientists plenty of opportunities to improve their language skills.

Language Schools

Besides, there are lots of (private) language schools that offer German language classes. Detailed information can be found here.

Online programs

If you want to broaden your language skills before your arrival in Munich, online language courses are advisable. There are lots of providers, Goethe Institut and  Deutsch-Uni Online (DUO) amongst others.

It would be best if you started a German language course or used online language learning programs before beginning to look for a job.