Living in and around Munich

Depending on whether our professors move alone, with a partner or with children, different challenges arise during relocation. The country of origin also has an impact. We are the contacts for all these aspects and provide support together with other TUM service centers.


TUM.Family - Kids, Family and Elder Care Center offers a comprehensive range of information, advice and services on the compatibility of work and family. At all locations, the Family Service provides support, for example, in the search for suitable childcare from nursery to after-school care, organizes babysitters for emergency situations and assists in finding assistance for relatives in need of care. Employees can also register their children for the TUM.Family holiday program.


With almost a third of its citizens being international, Munich is a diverse city and many people speak English - nevertheless, it is useful to learn German for work and everyday life. At TUM we offer individual language coaching for professors. We are happy to support their partners in their search for a suitable language school.

If you would like to work on your language skills before you move to Germany, you can do so online, for example with the Goethe Institute or at Deutsch-Uni Online.

Visa and residence permit

The process of obtaining a visa and a long-term residence permit varies from case to case. We accompany our professors step by step through this process and provide advice.

Health insurance

In Germany, health insurance is compulsory. There is a choice between a public health insurance and a private health insurance. Usually, TUM professors acquire private insurances, especially since they receive a state subsidy as civil servants, which covers part of the costs (and which is not paid in case of a public insurance). We will discuss the details at a personal meeting.