The topic of living in Munich is not only associated with positive aspects: The city is known for its beautiful residential locations and attractive surroundings, but also for its lack of affordable housing. With a good search strategy and sufficient advance notice, however, it is certainly possible to find a comfortable place to live.

We develop individual timelines for our professors to find accommodation and give advice on where to live. Depending on preferences, living situation and place of work, different districts or even suburbs are possible.

The majority of properties in Munich are rented via online portals:

It can be reasonable to first rent accommodation temporarily and only then look for a permanent home on site. In Munich, various suppliers rent furnished apartments quickly and easily. We are happy to pass on information about different providers.

Another possibility for an active search is to place an advertisement yourself. It is also worth preparing some documents. All these aspects are part of a promising search strategy, which we will work out together.